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Tri Zen 


Tri Zen is a plan that enables a tax exempt organization to provide a meaningful tax free retirement benefit to its highest paid executive/professionals.  

The highly paid executive/professional elect's to have his/her income reduced thus saving the tax exempt organization the 21% excise tax* and payroll expenses.  The income reduced  is turns an income expense into an asset. The tax exempt organization loans those dollars to a trust for the benefit of the executive and his family. Additional funds can be loaned to the trust from either the tax-exempt organization or from non-recourse bank financing. The trust purchases a life insurance product designed for maximum cash buildup. At retirement, the trust pays out tax free benefits to the highly compensated employee to supplement other income sources. The  loans plus accrued interest are paid off at death. 


* Income derived from services performed as a physician will not be counted in calculating the 21% excise tax. .