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Split Dollar for Tax Exempt Organizations



Split Dollar for the Tax Exempt Organization


Split Dollar is a very attractive way to provide tax-free retirement income to highly compensated executives/professionals of Tax Exempt Organizations (there are several variations). The executive/professional can reduce his/her income via renegotiating their contract. The Tax Exempt Organization saves the 21% exceise tax (to the extent income over $1,000,000 is reduced) as well as payroll expenses which can average 5%. The Tax Exempt loans the compensation reduction plus 3:1 matching dollars to a trust for the benefit of the executive/professional and his/her beneficiaries. The trust buys a highly efficient life insurance policy on the life of the executive/professional who can receive tax free retirement income.  The loans plus accrued interest is repaid at death.

The Tax Exempt has turned an expense into an asset which grows at a competitive rate over time. The savings on excise tax and payroll expenses can be used to fund community outreach programs. This is a win/win for the Tax Exempt.